Friday, 21 January 2011

Perhaps I should post this next week...


I am approaching the Curate's 1200th post and perhaps I should have held onto this for then but I had nothing else to post so impatience won the day.

Above is a screen shot from Wikipedia's entry on wedding anniversaries.

The three columns are "Traditional (US)", "Traditional (UK)" and "Modern (US)".

It was the oak and granite that caught my eye.

"Happy anniversary dear, I bought you a granite headstone!"

[Whack!] "Ow!"


  1. Lol, love it!

    They get these anniversary gifts all back the front, you get all the good stuff when you are too old to enjoy it.
    Gosh I would have loved a nice diamond, a sapphire or a gold ring for one of my early anniversaries, that is when I was still young and married.
    An oak sideboard would be great and some granite benchtops for my kitchen would have been most welcome. :)

    But congratulations dear Lee on your upcoming 1200th post, that is quite an achievement!

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. You too, huh?

    I also feel the urge to post, regardless of whether I have anything to post.

    I sometimes keep a reserve of subjects for when the muse deserts me.

    It's like an addiction.

  3. If you've survived 90 years of marriage, you deserve the rest that comes with a granite gravestone ;)

  4. well, if you get smacked with an OAK CANE...
    you deserve it. gave your wonderful wife the trip of a lifetime!
    And, your blog has been around the world, too!
    (by the way, mr. atheist...did you happen to note just how many churches you took pictures of?)

    On a more personal note, I designed a granite necklace, once, and offered it to my second wife (before that divorce) and it was shunned.
    Ah...fickle Fickle. Fickle.


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