Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hell! I've reconsidered!


Simon's overseas at the moment and Margaret got the itching to repaint his room. Sure, go for it, say I. Then it blossomed into the laundry and boy's bathroom and hallway as well.

Then Margaret got sick. (Nasty sort of cold going around.)

We were supposed to be going to a bbq with friends today, sipping ales and solving sundry world problems, but had to pull out as Margaret was not well. That then meant that I got dragged into the painting detail as Simon will be home in a fortnight.


No good deed goes unpunished.

I wrote some weeks back that, if there were a Hell, it would be filled with an infinite number of fruit trees requiring bird netting to be put on and taken off.

I have reconsidered.

Painting sash windows will be in there as well.

Would have much preferred the bbq.


But also for the weekend:

I made blood-plum jam
I made chicken liver paté
I made ravioli from scratch (spinach & ricotta, served with burnt butter and sage leaves.)
I made dried blood plums (Like dried apricots only much darker and tangier))
I taught myself to splice loops into 3-strand rope and used that skill to put up a shade cloth.
I tamed bits of the garden, mowed other bits and watered it all.
I found two monster zucchini (zucchini pancakes to dinner soon)
I officially christened all my worms Linda-Wayne; they are hermaphrodites so I needed a hyphenated name.
I sat in the shade and drank some light lager, home brew.

And I semi-painted two sash windows. A few nights to go yet until they are finished.

Amongst other things.


  1. Yes I agree, sash windows are a pain to paint, any windows really with all of those fiddly bits and once you begin to paint walls you have to keep going.
    You have had a busy weekend and learned a new skill, I hope you enjoyed your well deserved lager while sitting in the shade and I hope that Margaret will soon be well. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. sounds like a bit of heaven found its way into your hell ;)

  3. I haven't made chicken liver pate' in ages. Might soon mean a trip to the grocer for the makings. Yummmmm!

  4. my u have been a busy beaver. i painted this computer room (walls),ceiling) but still haven't gotten round to the dreaded woodwork - might never.

  5. How did you find the time to sit in the shade, Lee?

  6. A most productive weekend! Do you have a blood plum tree? Oh, how wonderful that would be - we've been watching for them at the markets, but haven't seen a lot this year. We're still living on our plum jam from 12 months ago, thankfully it's still going strong!

    Sash windows are truly sucky to paint. That's why we had sons. :)

  7. I do have a blood plum tree but the possums ate all the flowers off it this year and I am relying on the overflow of friend's trees.


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