Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Well, that's a good thing!


Enormous number of weather records set in the US this last week - highs as well as lows.

Good thing 'climate change' is just a plot of the Lefties and not actually real, isn't it?


  1. Those who can't wrap their heads around climate change may find climate change wrapping them up in unpleasant ways...

  2. Oh ho ho ho! This made me choke on my tea, it's so funny!

    "Exactly!" You could hear me sputter to the cats, "There's no such thing as climate change, it's all just another poorly constructed and fabricated Communist plot!"

    Oh ho ho ho!!

  3. Unfortunately, that's exactly the mentality of the people with whom I work. And they're serious.

  4. (sorry I thought of something after posting that first comment)

    The mentality is that as long as there are record lows as well, then it's obviously all a liberal hoax.

  5. "Man-made Climate Change" seems to have become the new religion, where one must either be a believer or be a candidate for the modern equivalent of a witchcraft trial. Co-incidently the following letter appeared in my paper today and, as one who likes to see both sides of an arguement properly examined, I quote it without personal comment:

    "As a chartered engineer with no axe to grind, but being blessed by training, practical experience and some ability to do thermodynamic sums, I know that carbon dioxide has only a minor role to play in global warming. However much we pump into the atmosphere, we can't raise the average global surface temperature more than about 1C, and no action we could possibly take - including killing off the whole of the world's population - would shift it back more than about half a degree.
    Ice -core evidence from the Arctic and Antarctic shows that the sun, throughout the ages, is the dominant cause by a factor of at least 10 compared to our tiddly efforts, and that we are about to enter the next of our 100,000-year periodical Ice Ages, following the end of the present Interglacial Warm Period."

  6. Avus: Known as an appeal to authority. I don't know if the guy's science is right but one person against a serious number of other scientists, who also have no axe to grind, does not carry the day.

    It also sounds like he has omitted the vital fact that water is the main greenhouse gas and increasing CO2 will increase the temperature (agreed) and that will increase the amount of water in the air which will increase the temperature which will...

  7. ...not to mention one of the worse..methane.
    Why, there's a field of cows just south of us here that are personally raising the temperature three degrees.
    Amazingly, though...they've created a fog cloud over themselves and have made it rain.

    Global warming won't kill us, though. It's way past argument that mankind is adding to the warmth, but, the other show must drop, and the big freeze will be right along. In about a hundred or so years...
    I suppose we can just say that'll be THEIR problem THEN.

    So...I've been looking for a foreign anchor for the First Farm and Weather Report.
    How are you at keeping boats in one place?

    In the water, Lee. IN the WATER!



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