Sunday, 5 December 2010

Push off!


You've all seen them. A lot of you are even one.

Those people who think that, when they get into an elevator, the doors close faster if your push the 'door close' button.

Sadly you are all misguided.

The 'door close' button on all modern elevators only works when the elevator is in manual mode. When it is in automatic mode the doors close after 5 seconds, whether you push the button or not.

But people love to think it works.

And sure enough, after they press the button, the door closes.

But it would have anyway.



  1. People love to think they have control.

  2. I thought I was being helpful to the rest of the people in the lift! (I knew you'll laugh..)

  3. I guess that goes for pressing the floor level too. The defective lifts at my work require a good push of the door close function every now and again.

  4. wow, i'll never do that again. but the one to keep it open works, rite? or just use your hand. :D


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