Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Invention of the devil!


Now, I'm an atheist so it is a bit academic but I reckon whoever wrote the bible description of hell got it horribly wrong.

Sure fire and brimstone is unpleasant and an eternity of it would pall after a while but if you really want to drive someone mad give them the job of putting bird-netting on a fruit tree.

While wearing a shirt with lots of buttons.

Man, that stuff snags on everything. It goes looking for things to snag on. Snags come to it.

Give me the brimstone any day.


  1. I can tell you right this very moment...I wouldn't have the patience for that!
    Hell is right~

  2. Not something I would enjoy doing either since the netting snags on everything, maybe next time you should wear a Tee shirt too.

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. actually...I'm hoping that you got video of that.


    And I'll wager your Mum would like to see footage, too.

  4. Hehe..I'm with Boneman..video please..can't imagine just from words..

  5. I may suggest that as a "character building" exercise, at the next staff meeting.

    I think that would drive me full-on nuts!

  6. Sounds like the stuff of bad dreams!

    Wishing you well for the New Year, hope your mum is picking up.

  7. hell hath no fury like fruit tree webbing ;)

  8. I think that would drive me full-on nuts!
    Bird netting

  9. maybe they're on a budget, fire is cheaper?

  10. I don't know: have you seen the Brimstone Futures Market lately?


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