Thursday, 16 December 2010

Pretty well finished.


A little bit of painting and deck-oiling to do but the deck is basically finished.


  1. Which is more than can be said for my roof. 98% of slates on, but can't put the ridge tiles in place due to the cold - the cement will crack.

  2. That looks really great, from outside and the view from inside the house; you must be very pleased with the result.
    I like the soft blue/green colour of the paint. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Lovely!

    I'm jealous of that sure looks warm and inviting. =]

  4. Looks fantastic, Lee, and just in time for the Christmas party! :)

  5. If you could find that same finish...bright gloss... and put it on the porch... It would actually extend your room.
    Does, anyway, but, if you have no snow problems, it would appear to be more than it is.

    And, I'm with fig jam and lime cordial...
    Waiting for that Christmas invite!


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