Monday, 27 December 2010

I've got worms!


Not only that, I got them from my son!

Now, with all the responsibility of a foster parent, I am carer and guardian of a thousand or so hungry mouths to feed. Just don't ask me to identify which end is which.

The high-rise hostel for these worms is called a "Worm Cafe" (above).

Who thinks of these names?

I have visions of a focus group (think short, fat, balding men with pony-tails and paisley shirts) sitting around, drinking latt├ęs and wondering what to call the new worm farm design. One looks at his coffee and a small light glimmers and the "Worm Cafe" is born.

And they vote.

The focus group, not the worms.


  1. Congratulations 'Dad', they will produce many nurtient rich castings for your garden! :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. hope you had a nice holiday.
    thank goodness you don't have to remember their names!

  3. Fellow down the road was growing worms and shipping them to Australia.
    Fascinating stuff.
    Made a fair wage from it, for what I could figure.
    I asked what they were used for and he said "sewage treatment"...
    We use the big ones for fishing around here.
    You can bring a slow moving big bass out with a sizable bait...

    I sure do miss fish dishes.

    Well...not that the dishes were made of fish...

  4. We love our worm farm! Pete absconded with my old blender and he purees all the food scraps before putting them in - makes the whole process much faster, especially when they worms are establishing themselves. We don't need to do it any more, as there's so many of them now!

    Often when I'm harvesting things from the garden, Pete will say, "make sure you wash that lot, as they've all just been watered with worm pee..". :)

  5. Looks almost like the one I've got, but with longer legs. Maybe that should be on my list of resolutions, to get the worm farm up and running again.

    Mostly I just want to see more worms in the orchard. Different sort of worms, I'm told. They all look alike to me...


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