Monday, 27 December 2010

Hang on. I'm confused...


One of the 'novelty' gifts I got for Xmas was a measuring cup, just like my Mum and my Granny used to use. Ah, memories!

But, on the outside, was the following sticker:

It seems that they don't make things like they used to!


  1. Who cares..use it as you want!

  2. nice piece of equipment...
    if you're in the US
    I keep waiting for the push to metric.... (anyday, now)

    I feel like whoever is in charge has six fingers on each hand...
    Tens seem so much easier.

  3. American cups and pints are SMALLER than the English? Not in Texas though, I bet!

  4. I guess 'A pint, a pound, the world around' doesn't quite measure up.

  5. I'm confused too. What's the point of having pints and litres if you can't measure liquids?


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