Friday, 1 January 2010

Out with the old, in with the old.

Well, that was an interesting year.

I can't honestly say that 2009 went the way I expected it to a year ago though.

(Tomorrow, I may post Mystic Lee's predictions for 2010...)

Certainly I knew about Martin getting married and the trip to Malaysia and that was quite an adventure. Especially in getting my Mum to come with us to KL. (She had never left the country before.)

My new job was not on the horizon at all and that took up large chunks of the year. No reflection on my predecessor but there was lots to do and the 'normal' day is 7:30am to 6:00pm plus bits at home. But I got to go to Sydney four times.

Amongst it all I managed to send the occasional blog into the ether. I did a quick count and it comes to 477, over one a day! (I laid 13 dozen Curate's Eggs, cooked up 43 recipes in the Chemist's Kitchen, climbed onto 63 political soapboxes, pounded 78 pulpits and apparently I had sexual dalliances 138 times. No wonder I am tired!)

Let's see what 2010 brings. Predictions tomorrow.

Rationalisations, justifications and high fives: 31/12/2010.


  1. Happy new year..what a year 2009 was huh? (Blogwise..I mean..)

  2. wow.. i have been so out of touch..

  3. i would be exhausted
    better you than me
    have a happy new year, lee

  4. Enough change to make your head spin..

  5. That was quite some year! High five to you!

    As for your predictions, I've just read them... scary!


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