Sunday, 3 January 2010

A 'thorn in the paw' moment.

This is a magpie. Big chunky things, weigh about a kilo (couple of pounds). Sing beautifully and demand meat and scraps from us every morning.

This is our front fence.

The two have difficulty living together, it seems. This morning I found a juvenile magpie with its head stuck between the pickets. Not too sure how it happened; maybe it landed on the rounded tops and slipped off, going neck first between the pickets. He had scraped the top of its wing; you can see the blood on the fence.

The good news is that he (she?) seemed OK and flew off when released.

The question is, will it think of me as its rescuer, and perhaps one day rescue me from some marauding tiger, or will I become part of the problem, associated with the whole trauma?

A second magpie was sitting on the fence, watching the whole show so maybe he (she?) will put in a good word for me.


  1. Poor magpie!

    Great bird shot by the way...

  2. I dont know how this will come back to you... but it was an awesome thing to do Lee..

    Good job! :)

  3. I hope he sees you as his saviour because they can be a bit vicious. They like to swoop me. Alright, I admit that I do like to chase them but they swoop Tim on his bicycle and he never chases them.

  4. In spite of their beauty they can be predatory birds. I am surprised that the adult bird, aware of blood, did not attack and eat the younger, trapped one. But I guess they may have been related.
    Here in the UK they raid nests to get the young chicks and peck the eyes out of living lambs so farmers count them as vermin.

  5. I don't think we are talking the same Magpie, Avus. It seems lots of countries have black and white birds that they call Magpies more or less indiscriminately. Magpies are not a problem to Australian farmers. Crows/ravens are a different matter though.

  6. I'm pleased you were able to rescue the juvenile magpie, my bird family has grown so much and my magpies are gentle, they play nicely with the rainbow lorikeets, finches, native minors and even a new bush rat 'rattus fuscipes' which has joined the other dinner guests. :) ♡

  7. I'm not sure I want Ratty at my dinner table - have enough trouble stopping the birds fighting. (Rainbow lorikeets are the big bullies).

  8. yipes, but i'm afraid of the robins in my yard in the spring.
    btw i hate yr. comment moderation, it either ate my previous comment or you deleted it. dont' get comment moderation, why can't i just comment without the moderation - what you dont' trust me?


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