Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow is not the problem!


I see from other blogs and from family correspondence that things are cold in the northern hemisphere.

For example, here is my brother-in-law's house in Scotland:

Well, I have just been hanging shade cloth across out back verandah, creating a very fetching 'Bedouin look':

They are predicting a warm day tomorrow.

41 degrees.

That's Celsius, not Fahrenheit. 106 degrees, in the old currency.

Granted, for some of you, 41 would be a warm day in Fahrenheit too.



  1. Trade you 30 or 40F to bring some warmth here. Although after a week not getting above 10F and dropping to -30F, our predicted 40F tomorrow sounds toasty.

    Don't get heatstroke so early in your summer. {*grin*}

  2. weather is best wherever you are if you make it OK in your mind.
    Meanwhile, you continue to impress me with your conservation projects.

    I gotta try that, sometime.

  3. It was -15 here last night, but no more snow as yet, that's due overnight tonight. Your temperatures would take some getting used to for me, I think I'm suffering from heat stroke just thinking about it at the moment.

  4. In the spirit of brotherhood with the northerners, put ice in your wine.

  5. The mechanics of our planet always fascinate me.

  6. LOL! Hilarious... Enjoy the heat.


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