Monday, 11 January 2010



It's currently 6:30pm and still 42°C (108°F).

Time for a cold chicken salad and a beer.

Predicting 27 degC minimum overnight, and then not until about 6am.

That's 81°F.

Might use a fan tonight.


  1. I hope you enjoyed that cold beer, it's warm here but nowhere near as hot as Melbourne and I'm happy that I don't live in South Australia, 47°C today, I certainly hope it doesn't blow over here.
    Hope you get a nice cool change overnight. :) ♥

  2. PHew, enjoy that beer and salad!
    I get very lethargic if it's that hot, so far this summer Perth only had 3 days close to the 40's but I don't think we've actually made it yet, more like 39,7C.

    Sweet dreams.

  3. Whew! must be a hot night to try and sleep in!

    Our current daytime temp in in Corfu is 12C (54F)but it's the damp that gets you...

    Currently my feet wish I was visiting you, as I cannot find my wool socks and must make due with only my cute but useless slippers!

    I hope you cool down soon! Wish I could share some of my icy marble floors with you.

  4. aaaah... you south-hemisphere dwellers!!!!

  5. Ugh. Sounds even worse than Houston in summertime - at least we have industrial air-conditioning everywhere.

    It's one of those days when you feel like you're going to spontaneously combust when you step into the sunshine?

    Good luck in your effort to cool off!

  6. Enjoy the beer and salad. But isn't that the kind of day BBQ was meant for? {*grin*}

  7. It's currently 7:00pm and still 0°C (32°F).

    Time for a Lancashire Hotpot and a Cocoa.

    Predicting -2 deg C overnight, starting in a couple of hours.

    That's 28.4°F.

    Might use central heating again tonight.

  8. thanks lee

    if you left a beer outside round these here parts, it would explode
    and not from the heat either...

  9. I have to say, 81 sounds pretty heavenly. I'm getting mighty tired of 8. But 108? You can keep that.

  10. All these changes between C and F confuse me!
    At present it is -5C here at night. I would like it warmer, but not as "cosy" as you are at present experiencing.


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