Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Good news is bad news?

The disappointment of the local media, that we had had a 'Code Red' fire alert day and yet there were no newsworthy fires, was palpable.

Poor darlings.

They will have to go back to beating up stories of politician's dog's infidelities for another day.


  1. Why is it that they are disappointed when some other persons misery is avoided. I hope they continue to miss out on fire stories.

  2. good news, the plane didn't crash on the way back
    bd news, I was in the plane when it left Florida.

  3. Pitiful.

    Not much better than our media, though... did you hear that Fox News just hired Sarah Palin? No lie. Lordy, lordy.

  4. Reminds me of that excellent Monty Python sketch - Ralph Messish going about his day...(ominous music) and nothing happened.

    (sorry can't find the youtube clip, but here's the short script.)

  5. Mellish (dratted cold finger typing!)

  6. Well, at least that is kind of good news... right? Or are you just teasing those of us in frozen countries? ;-)

  7. I'm sure they will find something else to write about or make something up.
    That is good news that there were no tragic fires to report on, we have had too many as it is. ♡

  8. I'd like to have heard more about those two boys who saved the drowning swimmer but only caught a really short bit on it, I think it was on the BBC.

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