Thursday, 31 December 2009

Natural fireworks to see in the New Year!


A hot balmy night in Melbourne, BBQ chicken on the front verandah and then a bit of a sound and light show from Mother Nature.

All quite enjoyable.

Happy New Year to you all. (45 minutes to go locally).


  1. Happy New Year! I just got to work. It's going to be a long day... :)

  2. Happy new year Lee!! :)
    I m getting bored at home... thinking of what to do with the family... 4 hours to go now... on my watch! :)

  3. H.N.Y. to you too, thanks Lee. It's still 2009 on this side of the globe.

  4. Happy New Year in return! Thanks for a wonderful year of fascinating posts.

  5. Last night I missed the SF fireworks. My routine for last few years was to wake when I hear the racket, look out the window, say "huzzah!" and go back to bed, LOL!

    yet... last night was so quiet I missed them. was invited out but ... still fighting my cold, so stayed home and sneezed.


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