Sunday, 20 December 2009

X-day minus 5.


The menu's planned.

The cake's iced. Well, marzipanned. It's not getting white icing, with so much brandy in it and so many nuts found near it, I'm pretty sure it's not a virgin.

The cards sent to people we haven't seen or heard from since this time last year.

Presents sorted, more or less.

Kris Kringle's done for work.

Is it over yet?


  1. Is what over? Is there something going on I don't know about?


    CHRISTMAS?! Great, just great! I am in so much trouble! Looks like everyone gets whatever I can find in the next 48 hours!

  2. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

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  4. So true Anonymous, so true.

  5. That Anonymous loves you so much..LOL. You sounded more prepared to celebrate this year..hope it's a merrier Christmas this year. I wonder how marzipanned cakes taste like..never tried one I think.

  6. now THAT"S my kind of santa!

    and i havent received my holiday card yet
    perhaps the mail is rather slow this time of year

  7. Not sure I could ever get used to having Xmas in the middle of summer.


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