Saturday, 1 September 2007

Spring has sprung...

The view from the front door, through an archway and into the front yard.

We Australians do do anything conventional like base our seasons on equinox or solstice. (I have no idea about how to decently make them plurals, so leave them singular). No, we go for the start of the month, much less thinking required. Spring is September-October-November.

And it is just as well that we do that, because if we waited another three weeks, as the druids would insist, the season would be over.

The blood plum is in full blossom, that's the white flower. The magnolia is not fully out but close. Back left is a camelia but they are irregular and irrational anyway. The splotch of red in the middle is an azalea. All this and sundry things are starting to shoot - grapes, roses - and the bulb season is in full flight.

And, and, it has been warm enoough to sit outside with a coffee and enjoy it. (Well, okay, I sat out with a coffee, a draft essay and a red pen for editing but I still enjoyed it.)


  1. A glorious riot of color and scent in that garden. How could one not enjoy even editing out there?Here on the flip side summer is waning and the once bright greens are beginning to look tired. I may have to switch back and forth from my continent to your continent, forever following spring and summer.

    (equinoxes, soltices)

  2. Wonderful! takes me back to the fresh smells of spring - sounds like an excellent place to work.

  3. That is truly beautiful.
    Here driving down the Highway the Geraldton wax is in full bloom and it's just as beautiful.

  4. Our is a little ahead of yours. But we have had a week of summer, without the awful humidity, & it has been glorious.

  5. None of those flowers exist here in my part of the world..but I like the azaleas..the colour and the sound of the name!

  6. Lovely garden.

    Are you the gardener or the bumble bee?

    As the interminable grey skies continue here, I too, will be visiting for a touch of brightness.

  7. Whenever I hear people spruiking the beauty of flowers, I think of Morticia Adams, sniping the heads off her roses and saying how lovely they now looked.

  8. Lovely, I can hardly wait for our own spring......we have a winter to get through first though......

  9. what a fabulous view! you must come over to and make my yard look as gorgeous! bravo!


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