Sunday, 30 September 2007

Too much information.

I have been tagged by Bee. Or should it be stung?

It is a fancy sort of tag, a Swiss Army knife affair with questions for almost all occasions.

The first one is based on my middle name. Using each letter of my middle name, I have to find a word that describes me.

I don’t have a middle name. What does that say about me? Indescribable, presumably.

The next one is a series of questions.

1. If you could have superpowers, what would they be? There is no obligation to be unselfish, save the world etc.

Well, I think I would like to be able to understand how people think. Not read their minds, but to understand what drives them. That's the psychologist in me.

If not that, the ability to turn water into wine so I could be both useful and entertaining at dinner parties.

2. Stranded on a desert island with a CD player and 10 CDs, what would they be?

Oh, bloody hell! This will be telling.

1. Mozart’s Horn Concertos
2. Rachmaninov’s 3rd Piano Concerto
3. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony
4. Carmen with Maria Callas.
5. Gregorian Chants (Monks of Silos, Spain).
6. A Night Wasted with Tom Lehrer.
7. Cat Stevens
8. Edith Piaf
9. Cabaret with Liza Minnelli
10. The Red Dwarf theme.

3. If you were a smell, what would you be?
Fresh basil.

4. If you were a bird, what kind would you like to be?

5. If you were a bird, whose head would you poo on?
No-one. I am a civilised bird.

6. Are there any foods your body craves?
A good steak. Crisp chips. (NOT fries.) A cold beer on a hot day.

7. Favourite time of year?

Summer because it is warm.
Autumn for the colours.
Winter for the bulbs and sparse beauty.
Spring for the lovely blossoms and acid green new growth.

8. Favourite time of day?
Mornings, after a warm, balmy night.

9. If a change is as good as a rest, which would you choose?

Change. There will be plenty of time to rest, soon enough.

10. If you could invite five people living or dead, past or present to a dinner party, who would they be?

My immediate five male ancestors. And their wives. Love to hear them comparing their lives.


Now, the rules of this game is that I have to pass this on to four other people. I’m a rebel. I do these things but I have never tagged. What does that say about me?

Send your answer on the back of a stamped, addressed envelope to anyone but me.


  1. I think it says you are a damn fine considerate gentleman!! That is what I think.

  2. OOooo, i do love that print :o)

    What a fun and different kind of meme. Loved your answers, however the "Cabaret" one i do worry about!
    Must be the "Smeg" in you ;o)

  3. ah, you like classical music also.....

    I love to read them, but do not like to actually do meme's myself. Some people give enough informatin in a meme that someone could steal their identity. haha

  4. Aha ... another Tom Lehrer fan.

  5. Aren't we funny with our boundries and limits. I'm still wet behind the ears at this blog thing so am a sucker for games like this...

    Thanks for playing Lee.

  6. You could give yourself 'Basil' as a middle name!
    I like the idea of having the five immediate ancestors, you'd get a good sense of continuity doing that.


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