Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Nice to meat you, Professor Grayling!

A blast from the past last week.

Last year I 'found' A. C. Grayling; found in the sense of found myself reading one of his books and, found I liked what I read and found myself reading some more. He is a professor of Philosophy in the UK.

I did, however, find one article on meat, indeed entitled "Meat", to be not to my liking. While I have no bones to pick with a vegetarian (can I say that?), as a food chemist I was less than happy with the technical aspects of his article which pivoted around the 'bad' things that meat contains or does to you. This resulted in a spirited correspondence. I was quite impressed that I could approach someone in his position and that he had the generosity to engage in discussion.

Last week the good Professor was in Melbourne for the Melbourne Writer's Festival.

I couldn't resist going along to one of his talks; he gave a very interesting summary on his latest book, "Towards the Light", on the history of liberty, and then I duly stood in line to get a copy of the book signed.

When I reached the front of the queue, he saw my name (it had been put on a post-it note by an assistant further up the queue) and paused. I didn't leave him wondering why the name was vaguely familiar but introduced myself and had a few words with him before letting the queue continue moving.

Nothing earth shattering but nice to meet someone you respect.

In the flesh, so to speak.


  1. That sounds like a nice experience, I sometimes wish I can speak to some one you see on TV or read about just to ask questions or clarifications.

  2. lol to the bone/vegitarian comment...

    I think its great that you went and how cool that he remembered you!! I do think its nice to meet someone you respect... especially when you arent disappointed in the outcome!

  3. You've got me a little concerned with your final comment, Lee....you're sounding a little like Hannibal Lecter in that one! ;)

  4. Lucky you!
    I'm always impressed with those whom i hold with great regard, that take the time to correspond :o)

  5. I am a vegetarian, and a bone picker.

    (well, actually, I am not technically a vegetarian, because I eat fish, and there are plenty of bones to pick in fish, and probably also the fact that I continue to describe myself as vegetarian)

  6. Hi Lee.

    It's like that idea about coming up with a group of people (famous, dead or alive, contemporary, historical etc) that you would most like to get together for a dinner party.

    Praps not Mr.Lector though...

  7. Mr Grayling looks like he would be quite at home on a Harry Potter set.

  8. I understand the feeling, I always wanted to meet Isaac Asimov in the flesh.

    Isn't it curious how we justify what we eat, or don't eat. My grandmother was a vegen, and she was always trying to convince the rest of us why it was the best way to go.......it isn't like we don't eat vegetables, we raised a garden and some nights we ate as many as seven or eight veges, but Mom firmly believed that we weren't give chewing teeth for just carrots.....and you can actually become sick without a little meat. So we had fish and chicken, and burgers. I didn't taste my first "steak" until I was 14......guess it must have been expensive...haha

  9. Wow that must be awesome..I so want to meet JK Rowling!

  10. the pause....said it all. How wonderful to meet someone you admire.


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