Saturday, 15 September 2007

Playing favourites.

In a comment to my "Five cent's worth" post below, Jujee asked for the following things:

1. My favourite past-time
Cooking a meal for appreciative guests.

2. My favourite item of clothing

A navy blue, naval jumper. Warm, well made, souvenir of working for the Navy.

3. My favourite jewellery piece

A nipple ring.

4. My favourite month

No preference at all.

5. My favourite number


6. My favourite year at school

This year - honours in Psychology.

7. My favourite season

All of them.
They all have their good points, I can't choose. I have to? OK, spring.

8. My favourite hair length

On my head? Neat, medium-short.

9. My favourite expression on self


10. My favourite expression on others

11. My favourite chips flavour

Plain, salted.

12. My favourite ice-cream flavour


13. My favourite time of day

Early morning.

14. My favourite day of the week

I'm a student, they are all the same.

15. My favourite movie genre

Non-violent, social issues, chick-flicks.

Time: 1:14pm
Date: September
Setting: My study (37°50'48.38" S, 145°05'58.87" E)


  1. A nipple ring!!!! I'll say no more! I'm flabbergasted! ;)

  2. On second thoughts...yours or someone else's????

  3. Lee: you beat me to it. He didn't say it was on him.

  4. Okay, I may sound stupid..but what is a nipple ring?

  5. Well, do you know what an ear-ring is? I...uh...I think I will leave this to Lee to explain. All yours, Captain!

  6. Ah, then we would get along quite nicely, because there in nothing I like better than to be an appreciative consumer of a well cooked meal. :)

    A nipple ring.....OUCH!! But then I have very sensitive nipples.....

  7. Original and entertaining to read (as always).

    navy blue jumper from the navy!
    A naval piercing too?

  8. Chick flicks?

    Forgive me for feeling sceptical.

  9. Lee

    Well done on the nipple ring, but be careful, they do have a tendancy to get hooked around things and get ripped out.

    I changed mine to a bar, less hazardous, same sensations



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