Sunday, 2 September 2007

Father's Day - Australian version.

Unlike the majority of the world which celebrates Father's Day on the third Sunday in June, Australia celebrates Father's Day on the first Sunday in September.

So, it was bacon and eggs in bed with the paper. Side orders of grapefruit and coffee.

I am off doing a LifeLine shift tonight (yes, I know, poor planning) so the official dinner was last night with my parents over as well. The meal was done by Martin and Richard, Simon's in Beijing and so was given the year off. Martin's girlfriend, Roni, was in the thick of things as well. The menu was a prawn and avocado starter, coq au vin with ratatouille, finished off with creme caramels.

Suitably spoiled, it is now time to return to studies...


Freudian footnote: when I first typed the last line, I wrote "it is not time to return to studies".

Greedy footnote: I went to Wikipedia to check up on when the rest of the world celebrated Father's Day and found that their are 21 different dates around the world. Hey guys! There must be a way to cash in on this!!


  1. Hann told me it's Father's Day over this will e my second time wishing you Happy Father's Day this year! Happy Father's Day Lee...and good for you for being do you return to studies with a full tummy?

  2. Just adding here..there's no Father's day in Malaysia's tradition actually..or in Islam. We just follow the Americans, dunno why too. But the fathers in my family actually don't bother's us the non-fathers who make a fuss about it!

  3. Ok so the breakfasts get better when the kids get older!! Can't wait!

  4. Sweet kids you got! Keep that future daughter in law, sounds as if she knows what she does.
    Happy Father's day Lee. We went steam train riding, pics will follow tonight of tomorrow, either me or Gargoyle's blog.

  5. Lee

    Looks like you had a good one.


  6. How do you eat in bed without it dripping on your chin, chest and sheets?

  7. You'de think the greeting card folks would be all over this.
    Hey! I wonder if Mother's day is different, too?
    And Christmas and Easter and groundhog's day and valentines....
    getting a bit carried away, am I?

    That's new?

  8. So I should have received a card from my daughter in Sydney for yesterday - words will be had.

  9. happy father's day to you.....

    your entries always fascinate me.. (i'm your silent reader all this while)-well may be i've commented a time or two...
    anyway, the gest here is- ur blog is very interesting


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