Thursday, 30 August 2007

From the quote file....

A quick and (sort of) lazy post. The card was made at the following website:

I have remove the active link to it as it may have caused a visitor's machine to crash but it has given me no trouble.

Caveat hospita - visitor beware.



  1. Another plaything, Lee. You must be on holiday! - Thank you, hours of fun in store.

  2. Holiday! Not yet. Falling back on bookmarked 'stuff' to keep the blog fires warm, if not actually burning.

  3. Ooooo this looks interesting :o)

  4. hi lee... i like it, can't wait to try it out. on an entirely different subject... do you think you could at some point take a vote on this?

    things happen for a reason

    things just happen

  5. Cool like the scribbled makes me feel good wasting time!

  6. Snowsparkle: Ok, next one.

  7. Upon creating my own "entitlement to seat on train/bus" card, some funky computer invasions occurred. Infinite explorer pop ups, unauthorised programs such as "home buyer??" plagued the desktop and messages prompting me to authorise plausible transactions.
    To make matters worsen...I did not receive my "seat entitlement" card!
    Restricted by the company's computer operations, I had to opt for a system restore. So far so good, but fingers crossed!

  8. Jujee: Was it the site I had linked above that gave you trouble? It didn't give me any problems but I use a Mac and we Mac users tend to be oblivious to the junk that floods the Windows world.

    Please confirm and I will remove the link.


  9. The computer malfunction occurred when I was waiting for my card to create...after 30 seconds the bombardment began.

    That was the only explorer window open at the time of incident...and then the explorers kept appearing non-stop!

    sigh computers...

  10. I should add I had another company specific application open (I am at work afterall).
    Could it be they've implemented some kind of hack to prevent non-work activities??


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