Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The Oat Anniversary.

Today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary.

Now I've looked through all the lists of anniversary types - Traditional, British, American, Modern but cannot find a 'thing' that is associated with 26. I'm sure someone like a department store could suggest one - leaf blower anniversary maybe, or perhaps the waffle iron anniversary.

In the absence of anything to guide me I have nominated it, the 26th anniversary, as the oat anniversary.

That, by association, puts it as the porridge anniversary.

Let's just say it is warming, sustaining and symbolic of having been through times both lumpy and smooth.


  1. Sounds like a winning recipe to me!
    Congratulations you guys!
    I hope you had a splendid wonderful day remembering all the years you've been together and looking forward to the many many more to come!

  2. OoOoo... happy anniversary!!! :)

  3. All the wild ones sown ...

    And isn't "porridge" slang for prison term????

    Oaty Congratulations!

    Any suggestions for 28??

  4. And don't forget about flapjacks, congratulations!

  5. Whatever you call it, Lee - congratulations!

  6. happy oataversary! and congratulations to you and margaret! so, what do you like in you porridge? brown sugar? raisins, cinnamon? cream? maybe you should do a survey on it.

  7. 26?
    Is that in human years?!? Dang! Over here, us folks from the US are lucky if we get to seven years!

    Now, as for what's "typical" for the 26th....

    Let's confer with Margerette on this, shall we?
    Silver on the 25th
    gold on the 50th
    I think it's wine and dancing till the cows come home then a romantic drive to some exotic place not too far away, but, far enough t'have to stay overnight. A bed'n'breakfast, say, Sydney.
    (I know that's a HECKOVA drive, but, folks, I'm in the US and if y'didn't know this, there are only two places in Australia. One is Sydney, the other is that big rock in the dessert, and, fer sure, they don't have a bed'n'breakfast near that big rock)

    Hey, have a great one, y'all. Use the time between now and then to find out what 27 is, eh?

  8. riseoutofme beat me too it: any wild oats in your crop?

  9. Here's to sowing your wild oats, Lee!

    Happy 26th Anniversary! :)

  10. Celebrate with some brown sugar, golden syrup, cream or whatever it is that sweetens you two! Congratulations!

  11. happy 26th anniversary... :)

  12. Hummm, the pic is oat flakes... any meaning in that, I wonder....

    Best wishes to you both - and congratulations for getting it right!

  13. Oats!?
    Here is to wild oats that set your feet dancing, and many more lovely moments together!

  14. Awww how cute! Oats! Like the way you put it, lumps along with the smooth.
    Happy Anniversary to you both!
    And many more.

  15. i always wonder, how married people can living together for a long time. i understand, but still don't know the feeling..

  16. Congratulations! I hope Margaret was feeling well enough to celebrate? You must tell us how she is doing!!

  17. Happy Anniversary! Lol to the wild oat comment! I am coming up on 19 yrs in a couple of weeks! Not sure if there is any significant tradition with that number either... it will probably come and go with little fanfare. Sorta like Oatmeal! lol

  18. Lucky you- Congratulations!!

  19. Happy anniversary! I've been away and you've celebrated but best wishes for a happy year ahead, lumps and all.


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