Monday, 27 August 2007

The Chicken and The Egg.

My highly unscientific blog poll found 8 votes in favour of the chicken coming before the egg and 9 votes giving the race to the egg.

I take a simple, evolutionary, view:

Premise: Birds evolved from reptiles.

Observation: Both reptiles and birds lay eggs.

Conclusion: The egg came before the chicken.

Pretty dull, eh?



  1. I am thinking that it is being the chicken that is coming firstly as it is commencing with a C while the egg is being commencing with a E. Is it truly being so? I am thinking that this is being the answer that is solving your riddle.

  2. My hubby likes the joke answer to the chicken or egg question: neither, the rooster came first.

  3. Yes, I nearly put that as an option in the poll.

  4. Rats! Gracie got their before me. (Does that make her an egg or chicken?)

  5. being a fan of evolution, the slimey gelatinous option was what seemed most likely. as always... i like the way you make us think. big hugs, snowsparkle

  6. How about the God view,
    God made all thing.
    Or not.

  7. I did say egg didn't I? LOL
    What a cutesy picture.

  8. Lee

    Not dull, just Eggs act and to the point (sorry)


  9. So what came first, the reptile or the egg, then?

  10. Reptile evolved from dinosaurs and dinosaurs (?) laid eggs...

  11. So then one day a reptile laid an egg and out came a chicken. Must have been one surprised salamander.

    I firmly reject the view of Anonymous having God laying an egg. I don't think that happened.

    I rest my case, although I don't know what it is and decline to further showcase my knowledge of evolutionary biology and its interface with theology.

  12. Now who's chicken? Or am I egging you on?

  13. Some creation stories may have God laying an egg...
    At Whipsnade zoo when I was a kid there was a glass fronted incubator thing like that with chicks hatching out; it was such a popular display it was standing room only! And they went so quickly from wet and slimy to cute and fluffy!

  14. If we are taking the view that evolution occurs with minute alterations to the genetic pattern arising from the combination of DNA from two individuals of the same species (plus the effects of mutation), then quite clearly, the egg came first. It was the product of it's pre-chicken parents. But... what is a fertilised egg, but a chicken in a hard case?


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