Sunday, 19 August 2007

Going down the gurgler.

For every five litres of
bottled water you drink
you consume
one litre of crude oil.


  1. That is a very interesting way of looking at it, Lee. Why the hell is it so popular? It must be one of the greatest marketing cons ever

  2. so much for "healthy source"!
    I've read of this before, very disturbing. Glad I rarely partook... as in, did not partake :)

  3. great stat. I'm amazed at how quickly bottled water went from de rigour to crass. Now if we could only generate the same emotion around SUVs.....

  4. And Pinot Noir, my boy? How much crude oil for the refined grape?

  5. I see j cosmo got his priorities right!

  6. I'm luckily quite happy with the water coming from my tap!

  7. I thought that taste was a bit funny!

  8. Bottled water as well? Oh goodness... how horrid. Makes one rethink what they drink and eat... yes?

  9. I never buy or drink bottled water. I think it's all a pose, to be honest.

    We have wonderful water up here on the mountain. Actually, companies haul it off the mountain to be put into bottles like those and sold back through the mountain supermarkets!

    I refuse to buy bottled water.


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