Monday, 10 May 2010

Tanks? You're welcome.


Just to show my absence from blogging was not all sitting around with my feet up. I have put in four water tanks. The one above, 2000 litres, sits snugly behind the Manchurian Pears. It is also linked to a tall narrow tank up the side of the house by a pipe under the house. The small tank doesn't hold much on its own but the two tanks equilibrate and it means I can harvest a good downpipe that is around there.

This one, 1000 litres, is in the front garden.

There is a fourth in the vegetable garden.

We are slowly moving to make things a little more sustainable.

Tomorrow I will show you how to build a vegetable garden out of ink-jet cartridges.


  1. That is a great idea Lee, I will have to get one myself as rain water is so good for the plants.
    Your plants looks very green and healthy, are those plumbago blossoms I can see there? What wonderful, forgiving plants they are, I have about five, two shades of blue and white.
    Manchurian pears, they look lovely, I must look them up on Google. xoxo ♡

  2. Dianne: Plumbago, yes. The Manchurian Pears (JCN calls them Patagonian Figs for some obscure reason) shade the back westerly wall in summer. I will be cutting the middle out of them to keep them to size sometime this winter.

  3. I always watch your dealings with nature with student-like curiousity. I am considering a water capture unit out back. Similar to the Floridian systems through-out the Bahamas and Keys.

  4. The Manchurian Pears look lovely,I see that you shape them and they would make a good screening tree.
    Do the leaves change colour in your Melbourne climate?

    'Patagonian Figs', I like that, JCN is a funny fellow. xoxo ♡

  5. Boneman: It's an unfair battle and Nature always wins.

    Dianne: They change colour but quite late in the season.

  6. When you've finished with the ink jet cartridges and the veggie garden, could you please turn your mind to converting plastic food containers into further ready-meals? Ta!

  7. Nice! A bit bigger than my two fifty gallon rain barrels. And yes, every bit helps.


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