Monday, 31 May 2010

A break in the clouds...


Break 1: Margaret's back is improving.

Break 2: No new eruptions in Ecuador.


  1. Do hope you get to make the Galapagos trip and that we get to share when you post photos and adventures. Traveling vicariously is great fun!

  2. That's good news, I hope the skies remain clear and that Margaret's back keeps getting better.
    I want you both to have a fantastic time, you have had to wait for such a long time and I too am looking forward to seeing photos of your travels and adventures. :-) xoxo ♡

  3. Good news, that.

    That's a great photo!

  4. Jeanie will be watching for that raft!

    (hmmm...looks more like hooters than eyes, eh?)

    ( ')( ') me thinks you're good with that..

  5. What a relief, I'm sure things WILL work out! Patience :-)

  6. Happy to see you back in blogland and hope you have a great trip. Looking forward to seeing your photos of all those great places.

  7. Best wishes to Margaret for her back recovery. Good luck for your travels.

  8. I poked my head up and there you are!!!!

    I'll have to do some heavy reading to catch up now!

    Good to have you back...but sorry to hear about Margaret's. I hope she's feeling better soon.


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