Sunday, 9 May 2010

Is it Spring? Really?

What to do?

If this post is too long, people wont read it.

If I split it into multiple posts, people will only read the last post.

Perhaps headings will help. Here are the topics I will cover:

A Curate's Egg
J Cosmo Newbery

Blogging is an odd past-time, largely driven by reciprocity. If another blogger visits, you feel compelled to visit them. It can become a chore. People can become miffed if you don't visit. Comments become perfunctory and pointless.

I lost count of the number of people 'squirted milk out their nose all over their computer screen'. Give me a break, people. You know you didn't. I know you didn't.

Blogs need a button where visitors can 'clock in' - "I came, I read, I nodded sagely but couldn't think of anything relevant to say so I left again. Keep up the good work".

A Curate's Egg
So why blog? I know some of the extended family read it but, not having blogs and not driven by the power of reciprocity, they never comment. But I know they visit. So, for them, it is a family update of sorts. One way but there, none the less. Sometimes it is useful to have on-line access to family stuff to show folks at work or elsewhere. That seems to be the only purpose of the A Curate's Egg blog.

My other blogs grew out of the thought that, if I try to cover everything in one blog, some folk my not like it. The popular wisdom is that you should avoid sex, religion and politics in polite company. The Curate is the front lounge room, the Curate is tea and sponge cakes.

This blog is just an assembly of nice photos, weird photos, strange contraptions and low grade erotica. As a few folk at work are finding me on-line, I will be cutting this blog adrift - there will be no links to it from here and it will not show up on my profile.

I am an atheist. This blog was largely for exploring the strange and largely foreign world of religion. I'm over that now. I may post occasionally. It, too, shall not be linked from here.

I lament the way the world is going and will continue to say so here. No-one reads it but I feel better having said it. Cheap therapy.

J Cosmo Newbery
An increasing number of people now know that I fathered all of J Cosmo Newbery's children. And vice versa. I created J Cosmo Newbery in the late 80's, when I was writing letters to companies during the evening and possibly initiating prosecutions against them during the day. Not a good combination, career-wise, so an alias was created.

J Cosmo Newbery has been my poetry outlet for the last few years. I sort of want to cut him free now. I will keep him as a character and will link to him from here but will not be putting in a reverse link from him to here. We may still comment on each other's blogs. Mr Newbery is more a Facebook person than I am, too. But neither of us Twitter.

That's it.

Sorry about the milk on your screen.



  1. I enjoy visiting your 'lounge room' Lee, there is something comforting about tes and sponge cakes and pleasant conversation.

    I sometimes visit the 'Curate After Dark' to keep in touch with what is weird and bizarre in the world, as I lead a very sheltered life.

    I am astonished and amazed by your revelation that you are in fact J Cosmo Newbery, not that I doubt that you could write poetry but his persona is entirely different to yours, I simply cannot believe it. xoxoxo ♡

  2. As to your question, the weather here feels more like Spring than that of Autumn, it is still very warm. xoxoxo ♡

  3. Oh, thanks for the warning, fella!

    I feel like an outed CIA spy, dumped naked on an inner city street corner. If, perchance, you find one, you know my address.

    Dianne: We are different. He is an uncouth, if well meaning oaf, where as I am urbane, sophisticated, well-read and, of course, modest. Don't fall for this ruse.

  4. I can't imagine trying to handle that many blogs but you certainly did it successfully.

    I have especially enjoyed the split persona of you and JCN. (I'm very proud of myself for not telling.)

    Boneman has started to cut back on some of his blogs. 30+. Yowza.

  5. So it is true?!
    I am speechless ... I feel sadness like a dear, dear friend has just died!
    The J Cosmo Newbery side of your persona is the kind, caring and gentle person who always took the time to check on me when I was sad, he didn't abandon me, he taught me how to do the special hearts ♡. So that was you? This is all very confusing.

    Lee, you are the practical, no-nonsense straight guy, though you too are very thoughtful ... I am still thinking this is some kind of joke ... I would like to have you both still here.
    What about the dinner you had with J Cosmo when in Sydney, was that just a ploy?
    Well if it is true, you are a man of many talents but it will take a little time to understand and adjust to this sudden revelation.

    I feel a bit like that bear in the photo, I have just emerged from the darkness and I'm having problems adjusting to the light.

    xoxox ♡

  6. I remember you revealed to me that J Cosmo is you when we met but my sis couldn't believe my words and later I have doubts too whether I really heard that from you..was I imagining thing..but then when J Cosmo talked about his birthday (which falls the same day as yours) I knew I wasn't wrong..he he..but you could be a big actor with that talent! But I love you both..

  7. I also blamed Percy Bisque Silly on you, too but alas, I was set aright. Thanks for the milk spills over the years ;)

  8. I love it all! are u really cosmo? really?? since cosmo commented on my poetry blog, i think.
    it's all good, keep on keepin on i say or the doobie bros. or someblody said. maybe u think to much, like i do. i say - let it all hang out.

  9. Dianne: Sorry.

    JCN: We knew there would be tears, didn't we?

    Jean: You did well, thank you.

    Hliza: JCN's birthday is actually three days after mine - April Fool's Day.

    Pauline: You can't pin Percy on me! Should I send a tissue?

    rdl: I really should let anything hang out, let alone all of it.

  10. This will feed a grande book?
    I mean, the escapades, the adventure, you are the 007 of Australia, and, it being 'down under' would that make it either LOO or 700?

    Welcome to the light, sir.

  11. Well perhaps I have to click a few more links now, but well worth it. Always interesting stuff.
    Yeah, there were hints about who JCN was, but I figured one of you was hiding from the other, so I left it alone.

  12. "people need a button to click to show they have visited". I subscribe to "Sitemeter" on my blog (it's free) and does so much more too - see mine at:

  13. Welcome back!

    I discovered the blog through the hilarious letters.

    I regularly visit this blog and others(predominantly during work hours).

    This was the first blog I read and when I did it inspired me to start my own. When I was blogging it was nice to receive feedback but like you, I felt some were exaggerated and obligatory. Soon it became evident that I am more interested in reading blog posts rather than creating them.

    Coddledegg is the only non cooking or non gaming blog that I visit, and it was nice that it contained so much variety in the style of sub blogs. It's a pity some are going though.

  14. Jujee: Thank you for your lovely words. The other blogs are still there, just not linked, as I need to put up an air of respectability.


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