Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Take a truck load of inkjet cartridges...


Here's what happens if you take a truck load of inkjet cartridges, melt them and extrude them.

You get eWood. (Yeah, I know, but I didn't name it.).

Cut to length and bolted together and you get raised garden beds. Easier to manage than the beds in the ground by all accounts. Warmer too, so the plants should grow better.

Six plots for winter: onions/garlic, broadbeans, cabbages (red, green, chinese), root vegetables, potatoes and green manure.

There are potatoes in the rubbish bin too. As they grow it will be filled with more soil. (Yes, it has drain holes.)

The other side of the vegetable garden looks like this:

Remnants of the old garden can be seen in the back corner (beetroots, silverbeet & bok choy); raspberries on the fence, and a lime that needs a serious trim back to the left. Lemon grass in the silver planter. Plan to have a number of other things in pots as well.


  1. Did you cut the eWood to the lengths that you required then bolted them together to make your own garden beds or do you buy them already assembled?
    Great recycling idea and I agree that raised beds are easier to access.
    I went through your archives looking for those lovely photos of the daisies I mentioned, hope you don't mind ...
    Your garden and mine look a lot better now than February of last year when many plants were literally 'cooked' from the heat.
    All of those vegetables sound delicious ... happy gardening Lee!
    xoxo ♡

  2. Mmm...did Blogger eat my comment? Did I mess up posting it? Take 2...

    Indrayani: Truly.

    Dianne: They came as a kit from http://www.best-solutions.com.au/

    Sure, you can rummage through my archives, that's what they are for.

  3. No-one rummages through my archives unless they have warm hands.

    Aren't those things just pot plants on steroids?

  4. Isn't a back yard just a large pot plant? Or plant pot.

  5. "nature always wins" and guess what else?
    You are also "nature" so, win, boy, WIN!
    There's a silly recipe for turning plastic grocery bags into sheets of plastic. Semi rigid, and able to withstand watering from weathering.
    Been thinking about it.
    Better drains for the taters.

  6. Thank you Lee but I would never 'rummage' through your archives, I would 'peruse with care'. xoxo ♡

    J Cosmo dear, I can assure you that I have warm hands and I have a kind heart so your archives would be treated gently and with the deference you deserve. xoxo ♡

  7. Yum - new season baby printers on the menu soon then?


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