Sunday, 30 May 2010

Black clouds on the horizon


Cloud 1: Ecuador's volcano, "Throat of Fire" has started erupting and briefly closed the air space.

Cloud 2: Margaret has done something nasty to her back.

Am I doomed to never get to Galapagos?



  1. are you doomed?
    or are the animals saved?
    Cuba got a talk with Obama
    about the less than clear water gulf.
    Dark clouds...
    oil spills...
    your lovely suffering back pains...
    (I don't think a long plane ride would help that much.)

    Still, I've told Jeanie to keep an eye open for you and Margaret should you wash ashore in Florida.
    So, you covered, come or no.

  2. There are so many environmental disasters happening at the moment you probably won't know if you are going to get on that flight until maybe the day before, fingers crossed that you will both get there. :-)

    I certainly hope that Margaret will be OK as well. xoxo ♡


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