Friday, 21 May 2010

A relationship turns chilly...


A chef killed his wife with a heavy iron pan and kept her body in a freezer for three years before dumping it in a wheelie bin outside his home, a British court has heard.

Wallner had taken his wife Melanie's frozen body from a freezer in his back garden shed to the bin shortly before he vacated the property. Dustmen refused to take the wheelie bin because it was too heavy, and his landlord saw her ankle when he opened it, the Press Association reported.

At least he didn't turn her into a Sunday roast.


  1. during the days of the old fashioned ambulances,when I got hit by a car once (not bad) they called an ambulance for me, poked me in, and dang! Couldn't get the back door closed.

    That's all I got on this.
    How terrible for people that they can't figure out how to get along or just walk away from each other.

  2. He must have really had enough!

  3. Did you hear about the woman who was going out with an Eskimo, but she broke off their relationship.

  4. I can think of a few freezers that have been almost filled..

  5. That is very gruesome when you think about it ... why not just divorce her?


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