Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Smite smote smitten


Above is a headline on The Age website this morning.

Didn't seem right, somehow. Smitten to me is all puppy-love, doe-eyed and gooey.

I obviously wasn't the only one to point this out to The Age because, later in the day, it changed:

At least now it makes sense.


  1. That's funny - I first read it as the websites loving the attack, too.

    Here via Braja, when I made a decision to visit all the blogs of everyone who didn't buy the idea that science is for fools. Although I had a hell of a time figuring out which blog to go to from your list!

  2. the sciences and the religions
    always after the spotlight
    atheists and christians
    pointing at each others blight.
    Neither appreciating hypocrisy
    both claiming deep truths as theirs
    Neither gaining credibility
    over time, but, really, who cares?

    Pop a good wine and enjoy
    some aged brick cheddar (eight year)
    and some fancy biscuits with local jams.
    So tasty that it'de bring a tear.

    And good company, and maybe a good cigar, too.
    If we could just get somebody to smoke it
    Because I quit smoking (what? Live longer?! YOU!?)
    Neither science or religions can ever promise thisshit.

    But good friends? and good wine?
    always a flavor divine.
    So, pop the cork
    good friend of mine!
    We will a smoker find
    to create mountains and paths in the smoke and the cheese.

  3. they have been smited by the smitten... (if one can be all gaga and gooey-eyed about god)

  4. Aha - smitten as in smote! Love the linguistic muddle.


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