Thursday, 15 October 2009

I see a trip resuming...


Plans afoot to finish the trip we were on last year that was cut short by my Dad's death.

Galapagos Islands, Cuba and Ireland in June-July, 2010.


Ireland's new on the itinerary; my sister in law is having a 60th birthday do in Belfast and we thought, well, if we are going that far why not....

And, well, you see where the thinking went.

Look out turtles!


  1. Well done, Lee. You deserve it. Look forward to reading about it all.

  2. is it just me, or does that turtle have an extraordinarily long neck?

  3. Do I sense the start of a theory in your brain? Perhaps somethign to do with survival of the fittest?

  4. I thought Galapagos had something to do with ducks.

  5. Cuba? Hmm...I'd be willing to go to Florida and meet you part way! :)
    Sounds like a wonderful trip :)


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