Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The end of civilization as we know it...


The black cable, coiled and duct-taped to the power pole use to carry TV, internet and phone to my house.

And this is what the vertical connecting pole on my house looked like:

But I don't have a photo of the, what? truck maybe, that snagged the line and brought it down.

Certainly was no scooter.

So last night we talked, we walked and we figured out how to open those funny oblong things that are full of writing.


  1. OOhhh..hope you will fix it up soon.

  2. Well, any cable company worth its salt knows to get out there and fix it fase before you figure out that there's life beyond tv!
    Ours really doesn't understand what's going on. Cable and sattelite folks call twice a week (each) and send enough brochures to heat us for the rest of October....
    but, gosh. Don'e3 they understand?
    we don't miss it (and that's since June!)

  3. (of course, since they left all that duct tape, you can probably fix it yourself...)


  4. i'm afraid to ask what was in those weird oblong things....

  5. Is it caused by wind? It's very windy here in Sydney.

  6. Ah.. good old fashioned pursuits when the end of the world is nigh.

  7. Poor thing! Imagine if the power was out for a day or so! (Lucky for me, I still have the instructions for lighting a match!)

  8. Did you feel better for being without, Lee?
    Cosy evenings, glass of wine, tucked up with a good book - they have their advantages.

  9. Hi,
    after 17 years of studying the subject of the end of civilization,...I recently made a blog about it,...
    I hope that you will have a look,and maybe leave a comment,which I promise to answer.
    thank you

  10. Tricky Magdy, how does a lad find your blog?


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