Sunday, 25 October 2009

Like most news services, gone to the birds.

Well, I'm not surprised really. I have argued that the news services, especially the commercial channels, have gone to the birds of recent times.

Channel Nine just took it to extremes.

Apparently they have a camera on a roof top that gives a backdrop of the Melbourne skyline during the news. A local seagull has decided that the camera nook is a nice place to rest.

Full marks to the newsreader as he kept his composure while reading a fairly solemn news item, even though he could see the image on the monitors.


  1. Bloody marvelous :) I love it...dumb seagull :)

  2. as long as it doesnt poop on the anchorman.
    that would be an awful mess.

  3. Those birds wig me out... and pigeons... ick. Rats with wings, they are.


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