Friday, 16 October 2009

Answers to the name 'Lucky'.

The baby survive, largely unscathed.


  1. Well what do you know? Even idiots can become parents.

  2. Gosh!!! Its miracle!! Yes..this is what we call lucky.

  3. two condoms should have been used and weren't
    1. this baby's. i cant imagine what else her mother's negligence has in store for her.
    2. this mother's parents.

  4. Quick!
    Let the baby buy a lottery ticket!
    It is amazing, to be sure.
    Then, I wonder why they didn't have a trough inbetween the walkway and the tracks...

    Oh geez.
    I suppose there will be a b'zillion warning signs, now.
    Heck. Won't even see the train coming, eh?

  5. I am thinking that it is being a wastage of time for the baby to be buying a ticket in the lottery as the reservoirs of luck that may be belonging to the baby are now being drained in a most comprehensive manner.


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