Friday, 23 October 2009

The Big M


One thousandth post at The Curates Egg. (1642nd at the combine five blogs ).

When you look at the labels you realise how diverse the posts have been:

administration advertisements appliances AQ art Attic Australia awards backs beauty bigotry birds blogging bloopers books brain bureaucracy bush bushfires caffeine cancer candles cars Cartoon cats challenge chemicls chemistry christmas climate cold reading communication computer conmen consumption contraptions counselling cricket culture curate curiosity cute Cynicism Dad death death penalty deception diets divorce dogs drugs dumb inventions email energy english language environment errors of judgement excess fame family farewell fate fathers flowers food fraud friends future gadgets gambling garden genetics God Google Greetings gripes guests Guns halloween happiness health history hobbies Holidays homebrew honours Hooks hope house humbug humorous humour hybrid icons illusion insects internet intolerance Irish JCN jehovah Jokes kindness kumquats labels language Law Lee letters letters to editors letters to organisations Leunig life logic loves luck machines Margaret marriage Martin maths meat media medicine meme memories memory men mental health mind Mind Hack misc money moral issues movies Mum Murphy's Law mysteries nature nerdy news Nigerians nongs Obama oddball opportunity painting Pancakes parenting people pests philosophy photo physics pleasure poetry Political Correctness politics poll poppies positive possums probability psychic psychology puzzle puzzles quackery Quotes race rain relationships religion research resolutions Richard Roni safety scams science seasons sharks shopping Simon smoking society soy space spam spider sport statistics stress study stuff stupidity success suffering supernatural tags technology television thanksgiving thinking tradition trauma Travel trivia trout UFO Urban myths US vegetables war water weather wedding wildlife wine wisdom wishes work

And that's with the other blogs mopping up most of the sex, religion and politics.

It's been fun.


  1. Wow!
    No wonder you are so wise!

    (1642!...even wiser!)

  2. I'll be hanging around for the next 1,000.

  3. dont stop now!

    been great reading.
    keep it up, sir.

  4. Thanks you Anonymous, I couldn't have put it better myself.

  5. What? No "Big M" girls, to celebrate?

  6. LOL..Margaret is the best, don't ya think? has been a joy following yours too..

  7. It's been a very entertaining 1,000(plus)
    Keep up the good work.


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