Sunday, 4 October 2009

“O tempora o mores”

Masthead of The Age newspaper. I can relate to the lion's expression.

“O tempora o mores” is a famous sentence by Cicero in his First Oration against Catiline.

It translates as “Oh the times! Oh the customs!”

In his opening speech against Catiline, Cicero deplores the viciousness and corruption of his age.

In this post I too rail against the viciousness of the age.

Or more specifically, The Age.

Today’s lead story, taking up over half of a broadsheet page but with all of the intent of the grubbiest tabloid, was on Greg Norman’s marriage break up.

Is this truly the most pressing or interesting story in the world today?

Is it really news?

Do I really need to know?

Time to cancel the subscription, me thinks.

Sometimes you just need to remove the negatives from your life.


  1. Perhaps they should just drop 'news' from 'newspaper'.

  2. Removing as much negative from one's life is a very good choice. Leaves so much more room for beauty.

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  4. Who is Greg Norman? And why should I care?

  5. We cancelled the daily papers long ago and feel much better for it. Also realised what time I wasted reading them each day. (and saved about £600 a year, too!)
    Must admit, though, still get the Saturday one for the supplements.
    Would it be presumptious to say that I found the Aussie press even more dire, when we were there?


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