Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Alive and well in Cusco, sipping coca tea. Yes, that coca. Went to a
restaurant today that included alpaca and guinea pigs on the menu.
Had beef.

Internet connections few & far between in the jungle.

Will blog tomorrow.


  1. then there are folks like me who absolutely adore your love of your fans ....
    (bull. You're hooked like the rest of us!)....
    and post as often as you doinstead of enjoy your world vacation.

    To my figuring (and I did try to track you periodically on your journey from China to Russia) you are East of us up here.
    Well, most of us, that is.
    at least one of my blogging buddies is one hour before me, and I'm on EST (I'll write it, but, that doesn't mean I understand it....-05:00)
    If it's coca laeve tea, then, whether or not you smoke, a Cuban cigar is called for.
    Shouls you not be a smoker, I would suggest buying one and giving it to someone that does smoke and smell them as they smoke it.

    On second thought....my first cigar was a Cuban (1958 it was legal)(even if I was underage) and I still remember liking it.
    Maybe you shouldn't.

  2. did you like the tea, or notice anything "special"? Energy is, I believe, the advertised attraction.


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