Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I don't care what you say...

The climate change opponents out there (you know who you are) say that the variations in climate are either imagined or just the natural rhythms of life.

Two points:

1. This September in Melbourne was the driest since records started in 1855.

2. The average inflows to Melbourne's reservoirs during 1913 - 1996 was 615 GL/year. The average inflow for the last ten years was 385 GL/year. Reservoir levels are running at 34.5% full.

I don't care what you say, the climate is changing.

And from Melbourne's perspective, for the worse.

And is it man's fault? Almost certainly.

And are our politicians (yours too) too gutless and 're-election driven' to tackle the problem on their shift?

Almost certainly.


  1. and how ridiculously sad, for when the earth goes, so do we

  2. Yeah Pauline how can now one care and actually realise it. I think every one just live for the now and selfishness, all for them selves. We at least think future generation, suffering,existance etc. Perth again is still wet and cold, looking back at older pics a few years ago my daughter's September birthday was a warm Spring picnic in the park! I'm still sleeping in winter's PJ and an extra blanket on my bed this year.

    I agree Lee!!

  3. Interesting. I don't think the changes are as drastic here in the US. There are differences from year to year but they really aren't amazing. At least, I haven't heard anything like that.

    Of course we are so fixated on 1)the economy and 2) the election that there isn't any air time left for anything else. DAMN, I'm worried regardless which one wins. They are all idiots from one view or another.

  4. Hmm. Maybe not as clear-cut as you like to think. Read this article.

  5. The article says that the bottoms of the glaciers are retreating but the tops are thickening. That doesn't surprise me at all - part of the global warming scenario is not the drying out of the planet but the repositioning of the water. Water in Melbourne is becoming scarcer but there are more frequent floods in other parts of the country/planet. So?


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