Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Life goes on, regardless.

It is nearly a week since Dad died; it seems like yesterday. Quite odd.

It seems wrong that the days are sunny, the trees are in blossum and the birds are singing. How can all these nice things be happening at such a rotten time?

Life goes on, that's why.

Now that I am back and the rest of the holiday is just a nice idea gone wrong, the question I must face is 'what now?'.


  1. What now... from experience, take time to grieve. I made life go on too quickly (of course, I was pregnant at the time and had to, for the sake of the baby) and it came back to bite me on the ass later. And then I bet you'll know what to do... or you'll just find yourself doing it.

    Take care... thinking of you... xo

    And P.S. normal-ish? Well... I've been called worse (ever so much worse ;)

  2. Well, yes. That sounds like a good idea.
    And, while you're grieving, put your photographs together in some semblance of order.
    Oh, and those weed things out back. Somebody has to take care of those before they wash away your garden area.

    And, by the way, not all food stuffs survive a stillness, so, go through your cabinets, keep a sharp eye out for 'droppings' and such.
    Clean out the spiderwebs.
    Sweep out the dust.

    But, yes, do grieve somehow.
    It's supposed to be good for the sould to cry till your sinuses hurt.
    Whine about the guy not getting to see the souveniers you brought back for him.
    Such as that.

    You do realize I respect you a great deal, right?
    Have a great cry, dude.
    Hell yeah! Let a river flow, and the sooner, the better.

    But then, get on with it.
    Geez, next thing you'll be trying to figure if there's some unknown power having sent you to all those churches you went to on your trip.

    (tweren't any magic power, at all. That just happens to be where most of the world's treasures get hauled off to during wars and such.)

    Meanwhile, in England? You mentioned the warning signs everywhere?

    one more....

    One of the leading causes of death has been found to be Life in the first place.

    I don't know Ray, but, I'll bet he'd say,
    "get on with it...." too.

  3. dang! I hate when my silly assed comments are longer than the post!

    I really do.

  4. Lee, I'm so sorry. Death is such a rotten end for lives, and yet...

    And in my experience, it takes ever so much longer to deal with than ever seems reasonable. Live changes forever - and yet goes on, in so many ways unchanged.


  5. Joyce Grenfell wrote:

    “If I should go before the rest of you
    Break not a flower nor inscribe a stone,
    Nor when I'm gone speak in a Sunday voice
    But be the usual selves that I have known.
    Weep if you must, Parting is hell,
    But life goes on, So sing as well.”

  6. I was pondering over this with my sis last weekend..why are there so many deaths around people we know this seems like a sad year to me for so many reasons..but goes on.

  7. Lee, I'm so sorry.

    I've been a bit scarce round the blog-world, and am just catching up, and had not heard about your dad.

    It almost seems like we make ourselves go on and seem to ignore these big, complex griefs and losses, because we can only really work through them at length and over time. It's just not something you can do to order.

    If it helps at all, don't hesitate to mull things over here, the good and the difficult memories too, as and when you feel like.

    Much love.

  8. Bone man said it all!
    But .. do what ever suits you best!.

  9. Life does go on...just think how grand it is going to be when you see him again!

  10. Oh, Butterflygirl! I appreciate the sentiment but my father is dead.

  11. Well, maybe but the only way for you and your father to meet up some time in the future is if he has gone to hell.

  12. dear lee, i have no words of wisdom, but i have an impression that the best of your father lives on in you. your amazing spirit and joyful expression of life is the most beautiful tribute you could give him. know that i am sending hugs and engouragement each day.
    big, big hugs,


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