Monday, 29 September 2008

Forgiven, I think.

The trouble with travelling is you often have to get someone else to look after your pets.

Well, our only pets were two of our sons and they seem to have looked after themselves quite well. (OK, there was the small issue of putting out the rubbish but they got through our absence reasonably fed and washed.) Our other 'pets' were the birds who had got quite used to being fed in the mornings. How would they cope with us being away for the best part of seven months?

Quite well it seems.

Not only that, there seems to be no hard feelings as they return to their 'normal' routine.


  1. You have those birds in your yard?! Wow. We get these dull, nondescript little sparrows. If we're lucky, a cardinal. The sorts of birds you get, we have to go to the zoo to see. I need to move. Well, not just for the birds but because the US is going (has gone) to the birds... and not the pretty ones either... the big ugly vultures and crows. Lordy, lordy.

  2. I gave you an award today :). Head over to my blog and see!

  3. If you pay parrot food, you will get parrots.

  4. What an absolutley delightful photo!

  5. if we had birds like this at our feeder we would NEVER leave home! :) lucky you.


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