Thursday, 4 September 2008

Them & Us

There was a demonstration in town today; people complaining about the increasing price of petrol. For a while it looked as if we would be stranded in town and not get to the Sacred Valley tomorrow. The latest news is that the road blocks have been lifted and traffic is getting in and out.


  1. WOW Sounds like you are undertaking a very exciting trip. Enjoy and look forward to reading your entries. Say hello to Margaret

    Take care
    Aphroditi :)

  2. The petrol strike is seems. Our politics here has never been the same too..petrol is one of the causes.

  3. Dang!
    Kind'a makes you wish it was all gone now, eh?
    'Course, if it was, just hop a horse, head north, and we'll put you up till they invent an airplane that runs on rubberbands.


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