Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Peru, Ecuador & Cuba...

The last leg of our holiday year starts tomorrow. Early. A 6am flight to Lima via Sydney and Santiago.

A long day, I suspect. As far as I can work out, Thursday August 28th will be about 40hrs long. (Curiously, we leave Sydney at 10:55am and get to Santiago at 12:55pm and it is a 16hr flight.)

For those of you pining for me to stay put and return to 'normal' posts, I am sorry. November will see the resumption of normal transmission.


  1. i'll be silently reading from the comfort of me home, thank you. :) have a great last leg! :)

  2. South America will be interesting! Have fun!

  3. I think that will make today just 12 hours long, but then I was an English major.

    So do these women know you're married?

    Ladies... I'm not! So if you're looking for an emaciated guy whose mostly bedridden and completely housebound from a rare progressive disease - non-contagious! - now you know where you can find me.

    The online dating groups just don't work for me. My mom always said "Just be yourself" and I fill out the form honestly but I get nuthin. She says my hair's too short now; I think that might be the problem...

  4. You're stamina amazes me! Enjoy the last leg...

    Your Morocco pics got better and better, I loved the desert dune ones.

  5. Looking fw to see the rest through your eyes, keep it coming and enjoy!!

  6. looking forward to the pics. Am especially interested to hear your take on Cuba, I've quite a number of friends who've gone and they each seem to have seen a different country.


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