Saturday, 23 August 2008

OK, not quite this bad but...

Back home for a week - do washing (properly, none of this hotel hand basin caper), visit family, pay bills, some other sundry important stuff to do - and the regroup for Sth America.

My garden is not looking too good. The jungle has moved into the suburbs and I can see a mega weeding day sometime while I am home. Mulching held things at bay for the first trip (7 weeks) but the longer second trip was just too much and it is time for the pith helmets and machetes.


  1. laughing at the photo

    you're going to get all that done in a week? You won't have a moment to rest!

    what an amazing trip it's been so far - thanks for introducing me to so many cultures. Traveling vicariously has its perks - my garden has been macheted with regularity. (Why is it weeds untended grow much more quickly than the tended plants?)

  2. Although I haven't been commenting..I've been following and enjoying your trip so much. Thanks for sharing

  3. Welcome back...what a journey it has been. Enjoy Sth America.

  4. What? South America to come? I thought the garden now will have you back for good..he he..Happy Belated Anniversary..truth is I don't remember when it is, but I know it's this month.

  5. You are still travelling?

  6. Trips of a lifetime, & how good they must all feel!!

  7. Now, THAT deserves a picture!


  8. Weeding, schmeeding... they'll still be there when you get back (albeit bigger and more frightening)...

    Enjoy South America... can't wait to see the photos!

  9. D'oh... I just read your comment about commenting and stupidly clicked on 'Anonymous'! That last one, about the weeding-schmeeding was me! XO

  10. "pith helmets and machetes."

    Adding a comma changes the weeding technique somewhat:

    "pith, helmets and machetes."


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