Saturday, 2 August 2008

Coffee time

Shot from the hip so composition a bit wonky.

Many, many coffee houses around Casablanca but nearly entirely
populated by men. The Casablancan equivalent of guys going down to
the pub to get away from the missus?

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  1. I've noticed that when getting photos of anybody, friends, family, total strangers, that as soon as the camera is perceived, the character changes.
    If you have a 'movie clips' setting on your camera, then a good suggestion is to turn it on and hold the camera in such a manner as to pretend to take pictures, then set it down.

    Now, there is a downside to this in some areas. High security areas, to start with.
    Best to just keep it in your pocket.

    Actually, a friend of mine who I tell of your exploits around the world?
    He thinks you're coddling all of us so much that you might be losing some vacation time catering to us.


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