Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Pay attention at the back of the class!

A number of people have said how they enjoy my posts but don't know how to add a comment.

I can fix that!

At the bottom of the post is a statement saying how many comments there are; 7 in the example above.

Click on this sentence and the comments window will open.

Beneath the posted comments you will find the following window for posting a comment:

Write your comment, choose 'Anonymous' as the identity and click 'Publish your comment'.

That's it.

Oh, and if you want me to know who you are, include your name in the comment.


  1. Now that you've guided us step by step, I don't know what to comment....(LOL)

  2. Well hey! What do you know? It works!

  3. a hush falls over the crowd...
    boneman steps up to the board (and folks, sometimes he is very boring...) but this is for the gold.
    His hand raises...
    he's lifting...
    OH What a fabulous, four point deletion!
    Yes! Boneman has over-reacted and deleted all four of his blogs in one swift afternoon!

    Too bad there
    s not a gold medal to hand him, though, as there is no over-reacting event at the olympics.
    Instead we have a gold colored glass. Won't he love showing that off?

    Oh, how sad.
    And yet, not at all, because one blog is neater, swifter, and takes almost no time to deal with.

    I say 'almost' because, well, you definately have to watch where yopu step when there's gators hanging about.
    (That's 'crocs' to our Aussie friends getting ready for Spring!)

  4. yeah...like I said....don't feed the gators.
    That first link went with chow in his pocket, evidently...
    try this one.

  5. you of course, know they call them cannibals because they're fed up with people.

    But, one day, Mr. Cannibal came home late for dinner...
    and his wife gave him the cold shoulder.

  6. you are back home? Is that true or i minsunderstood on reading your blog? are you really back?? Ohh hopefully you don't say you will have another trip...if you really back. Or it just me who don't want to believe that you are finally reached a shore..hehe..

  7. errr if you back..how come the another blog is not update..lol.

  8. Thanks Lee, my wish was your command so it seems. Did you like the pruning job? Forgot to ask you the other day. Suzanne

  9. Thanks Suzanne. Welcome! You were one of a few.

    The pruning job? I assume you mean the neighbour's pin-oak. I would have preferred it out all together. I'm guessing it may be a tidy up for a sale.

  10. thanks for the instructions-I can now join the club! Hope the trip was ok, Love Maus

  11. What the? Did you have a few lurkers?


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