Monday, 2 July 2007

Wicked but nice.

We had a log fire on Saturday night.

In this whole climate change environment we probably shouldn't have but it was lovely. Wicked things often are.

We had had our dinner and sat in front of the fire, flipping through travel brochures and planning our adventures.

2008 is going to be very busy.

And then I found myself reading some psychology articles on travel. Big mistake.

The gist of the findings were:

1. We have an overly rosy view of our holidays before we go.
2. While on holidays our view is generally positive but tempered by all the minor annoyances that we didn’t include in our rosy anticipation. Such as weather, lost things, bugs, etc.
3. Looking back on a holiday we return to having a rosy view, comparable to the pre-trip view. We edit out the boring bits; sort of like the edited highlights of a cricket match.
4. The same rosy view applies to our view of our home as our return from holidays approaches.
5. The worst holidays make the best memories.


  1. Well now, I don't know - if you're going on holiday to "get away," you might be disappointed but if you're going on holiday to be surprised and to explore, you look at things like bugs and lost things and unpredictable weather in a different light...don't you?

  2. Funny I read that list and it was so true. Having just returned from an extended holiday, I still have some of the negative memories, but most of them are rosey! I think thats a good thing though. Not sure if the worse holidays make the best memories, but usually they make for good stories!

    How fun to be planning your adventure!

  3. I think we 'rosify' most things in our life dont we, just so we can live comfortably with them?
    Loved the look of your wicked fire!

  4. That's so true Lee.. Are you affected by the floods last week over there?

  5. We are well away from the floods, though we used to holiday down that way when the boys were younger, so I know the area well. We live on a hill, so if there are floods here there will be people far, far worse off than us!

  6. The fire does look so lovely and warm I agree! So true about the psychology and holidays, never thought of it that way. Glad to hear you guys are ok over there, Perth is getting so much rain, yay!

  7. I love going away, until it comes time to actually pack!! Hate that.

  8. It's just like all written plans, Lee...they are best when torn up, thrown away and forgotten...that's what you need to do with that psychology article on travel!


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