Thursday, 26 July 2007

Think before you answer!


  1. ahhh, a tricky question, ;-)

  2. hmmm... I don't know. What would be the "right" answer?

  3. Well, at least these two are still talking to each other.

  4. Dang! I did that "charity" thing the other day again, quickly shuffled off to the next aisle, but then I heard the guy crying.

    Y'know, I've been doing that stunt since y'first wrote about it (a year and some ago) and learned t'get away quickly (else they will say, "no, that isn't my money")

    but this is the first time I ever heard the person start crying.

    I find it heart-breaking that amidst the oppulence of what we consider great western civilizations there are so many starving poor people.

    Reckon that doesn't have a whole lot t'do with the post, but, dang! It got to me.

  5. Living life on the wild-side...very dangerous! ;)

  6. hah hah hah hah that's very funny!
    Hi lee,
    i saw your photo over at meggie's place, and just dropped over to get a closer look.

    you're kinda cute!

    pj (at Flamingo's Hideaway)

  7. hahahahaha! the language of the heart is often hard to translate. it's sometimes an act of faith to take things as we hope they are meant. we "dinosaurs" of the married species know this best. thanks for the laughter.
    big hugs, snowsparkle


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