Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Load up the camels...

Things are happening, trip-wise.

The Golden Journey link on the right will keep you up to date.


  1. If yer going by camel, perhaps you should have bought the jeans a few sizes larger....

    you know...
    for padding purposes.

  2. Probably too much in the saddle-bags as it is.

  3. Breath taking photo! How is the heat there? I have a friend that served in Desert Strom and he said that the sand is finer there and the heat not humid like here and dry and bearable. Thanks fro sharing! Namaste!

  4. I'll be following your journey from far..and waiting for the time you land on our land!

  5. Well! You could have warned me!

    Sounds all too wonderful! :)


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