Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Who knits their jumpers?

The rainbow lorikeets are getting tamer. And more demanding.

They sit in the birches tapping their feet impatiently in the mornings.

But they certainly add some colour to the garden, mid-winter.


  1. The Mammy lorikeets, of course.

    Or, maybe, the Aunties.

  2. Such nice colours! I bet they keep you busy..

  3. They are gorgeous. Their only fault is, they get raucous & very demanding.
    Much like children really.

  4. gosh that is lovely! We dont get wild birds with all those colors here! I bet in winters especially exciting! We do have eagles, hawks and hummingbirds though. Cardnals too... I guess I shouldnt complain! =]

    Hope you are staying warm!

  5. oh my,what a colorful bird, it sured help brighten up our lives a bit .

  6. They are such fun-loving birds...they have a ball, particularly when they get drunk on the nectar! Cheeky as hell and so beautiful.

  7. I like their little "house!"
    We feed them by hand at Joondalup lakes, their claws are very sharp!

  8. wow! now that's a something lovely to look at! very australia considered the tropics? don't you have winter? how do you get such colorful birds? ours are generally all one color and not very showy.

  9. Oh yes, we have winters! No snow, though. Temp at the moment (11:30am) is 12deg C (abt 54F). Definitely at the temperate end of the country.


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